Transpharmation Ireland Ltd. (TIL)

Transpharmation Ireland Ltd was established in 2014 at Trinity College in Dublin. The company is now a recognized world leader in behavioural and biomarker research applied to psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders. Transpharmation is led by a team of scientists with years of proven hands-on drug discovery and business expertise. This has allowed us to build client and science-focused relationships, across our extensive network in the academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The staff of the Transpharmation Ireland is well trained in working with  interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary projects. Our main field of expertise includes 1. Pre-clinical animal models (mood disorders, cognition, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, inflammatory and neuropathic pain), 2. Pre-clinical and clinical biomarker analysis (brain, plasma and CSF), 3. Experimental medicine (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease). Our goal is to be known as the market leader in the provision of innovation and science-led translational biology.

During this extensive project, TIL will work closely with TCD in all the activities related to the delivery of animals and number of behavioural analysis required to phenotype various DMD mouse models carrying different dystrophin mutations as well as investigating the effectiveness of AAV gene therapies.


Ewa Sokolowska

Dr. Ewa Sokolowska

Position in Organisation
Head of Operations

Ewa Sokolowska is a Head of Operations at the Transpharmation Ireland Ltd., who will be providing oversight on the animal behaviour and therapeutic aspect of the BIND project. ES holds a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Zurich. She has over 15 years of experience working with different mouse models gained whilst at EMBL Monterotondo, Italy as a trainee, at the University of Zurich as a PhD student, and at the University of Helsinki during her Postdoctoral fellowship. Ewa is also the author of several paper publications and poster abstracts. She has been at Transpharmation Ireland Ltd for the past three years, where she successfully runs multiple preclinical studies and leads a team of young scientists. Her research interests include all aspects of novel animal models with possible high clinical significance.

Manuela Mitsogiannis

Dr. Manuela Mitsogiannis 

Position in Organisation
Postdoctoral fellow

Manuela Mitsogiannis is a post-doctoral fellow at Transpharmation Ireland since 2020. In the context of the BIND project, she will be involved in the deep phenotyping of multiple Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy genetic mouse models, and in the postnatal restoration of dystrophin isoforms in such models through gene therapy. MM has received her PhD from the School of Genetics and Microbiology of Trinity College Dublin, with a thesis in the field of developmental neurogenetics. Following her doctorate, she moved to Belgium, where she worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Prof. Seuntjens’ Developmental Neurobiology laboratory at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Here, she led a project focused on characterizing, using both in vivo and in vitro models, the neurodevelopmental roles of cell adhesion molecules associated to human brain disorders. MM has a diverse neuroscientific research expertise, encompassing cell-molecular neurobiology, neurogenetics, behavioural neuroscience, and developmental neurobiology methods.

Erwina Stojek

MSc Erwina Stojek 

Position in Organisation
Research Assistant

Erwina Stojek is a Research Assistant at Transpharmation Ireland Ltd., who will be involved in the phenotyping of the number of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy mouse models for the BIND project. ErS obtained her master’s in Molecular Medicine at Trinity College and completed her research project at the Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN), looking into the glia interactions and the neurotrophic effects of astrocytes in an inflammatory model. She also carried out a research project at University of Navarra, Spain, investigating the expression of glucose transporters in the brain. More recently, she was engaged in several clinically highly significant projects.