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Summary of BIND presentation at Duchenne Parent Project Spain 2024 Conference

At the Annual Conference of Duchenne Parent Project Spain, BIND participated in a session titled “Cognitive Part in DMD/BMD: Project BIND.”

Action Duchenne spring webinar on the BIND project a great success

The Spring Webinar from Action Duchenne, where the BIND project was presented, is well received by the patient community.

BIND project presented at Duchenne Care Conference 2024

Dr Jos Hendriksen (Kempenhaeghe) presented the BIND project, in particular the BIND screener, at Duchenne Care Conference 2024.

BIND Publications

AAV-Mediated Restoration of Dystrophin-Dp71 in the Brain of Dp71-Null Mice: Molecular, Cellular and Behavioral Outcomes

Vacca, O.; Zarrouki, F.; Izabelle, C.; Belmaati Cherkaoui, M.; Rendon, A.; Dalkara, D.; Vaillend, C. AAV-Mediated Restoration of Dystrophin-Dp71 in the Brain of Dp71-Null Mice: Molecular, Cellular and Behavioral Outcomes. Cells 2024, 13, 718....

Action Duchenne Spring Webinar on the BIND Project

Action Duchenne hosts a Spring Webinar to learn about the BIND project, focusing on learning and behaviour challenges in DMD/BMD.

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Participate in the BIND Questionnaire: Your Insights Matter

With the BIND project, an international consortium is working to find out how common and how serious brain-related issues are in Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. As a part of this research, we are conducting a BIND questionnaire to gather information that will...

Data Integration

An end-of-year update from Pietro Spitali (LUMC) and the team on the work performed in the BIND Project – Work Package 7.

BIND Project 2022 overview

The BIND Project 2022 overview includes an update on the research and developments made in understanding the role of dystrophin in the brain.

UCM BIND post-doctoral position

The BIND project offers a two-year postdoctoral position, starting from September 2021, under the supervision of Ruben Miranda and Luis M García-Moreno from the Psychobiology and Methodology in Behavioral Sciences Department at the Complutense University of Madrid...


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The webinar will delve into the critical topic of how Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophies impact learning and behaviour. Attendees will gain valuable insights from leading experts in the field, including Professor Francesco Muntoni, Dr Jos Hendriksen, Dr Ruben Miranda Garcia, and Dr Anna Kolesnik. They will discuss their findings and the implications of the BIND project on improving the quality of life of people living with DMD/BMD and having brain comorbidities.

Brain Innovation Days

26 Oct - 27 Oct
All-day event

The Brain Innovation Days bring the brain ecosystem together to foster dialogue, exchange knowledge, accelerate investment in research & innovation and facilitate business development.

A webinar for families in the UK who are interested in joining the BIND study in learning and behaviour challenges in Duchenne and Becker MD.

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